Family travellers have always had high expectations and we’re okay with that 

We keep hearing that travel will be different in a post-Covid world because people’s priorities have changed. Apparently, travellers now want to enjoy nature and wild places. They’re ready to cherish quality time with family and friends. They want to be slow and discerning about the journeys they choose and the places they stay. They’re looking for escapism and adventure while still ensuring a high standard of comfort, flexibility and safety.

We think all of this sounds great. We just don’t think it sounds new. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s undeniable that the pandemic has highlighted some important life lessons, and if this has led to a revelation in more conscious travellers, then we welcome them to the party. We just happen to believe that these things were always important to most people.

In fact, we believed this so strongly that we designed a travel company built on those values.

No need for us to pivot

As a company that specialises in family adventure, curating experiences that focus on quality time with loved ones has always been of the utmost importance to us because we know how important it is to our travellers. This is why we developed a way to incorporate adult-only time, while still guaranteeing plenty of family bonding experiences, all in one trip.  

Likewise, we know that flexibility and safety are always top of mind for families, so we strive to keep our trips and booking requirements as flexible as possible. Always; not just because of Covid. We will not rest until every safety box has been ticked – whether it’s ensuring exceptional childcare, adventures with only top-notch equipment, or making sure to avoid dodgy neighbourhoods. Of course, there are vital procedures in place to adhere to the new realities of mask-wearing, social distancing and sanitising, but like any element of safety on your trip, we leave no stone unturned. 

Being outdoors, participating in all levels of adventurous activities and diving deep into the local culture are what we believe deliver the most unforgettable experiences. This is why we have always been anti- kid’s clubs, mega-resorts and cruises. 

We like you just the way you are

We realise that there are all kinds of travellers out there. If this wasn’t the type of travel you participated in before, and if a global pandemic has brought a new level of consciousness to the way you plan to travel in the future, then you are in for a treat. But as most travellers continue to keep their expectations high, striving for epic family adventures, we’ll continue endeavouring to deliver them.