Everything you should worry about when travelling with children


So people often ask me what to worry about when travelling with children? So for this article, I have decided to put together an exhaustive list of everything you should worry about when you travel with a child. Here we go….

Actually, it is impossible to list everything that we as parents worry about whether that is when you travel, go to the park, leaving your child at school in the morning or in general do absolutely anything. But sometimes these worries are justified and some are concerns that we have built up inside our own minds but in reality, aren’t actually that big a deal.


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At two point four, we specialise in helping you put these worries in perspective and have loads of tips and tricks for helping you travel as a parent with less stress. Check out our blog pages for some of these.

We will never compromise on safety


When it comes to handling safety and medical concerns, this is where we really excel. We will never compromise on safety. Doesn’t matter if it is for fun or because it is cheaper, safety will always be at the forefront of our decisions. We will never compromise on safety – did I mention that? I spent the early part of my career in the Police and so everything was did had to be considered from a safety perspective and this way of thinking has never left me. Our existence is your experience so we have a set of procedures in place that give you complete peace of mind, in terms of personal safety & security, childcare, and financial protection.

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Here are some examples of what we at two point four do, to ensure the safety of your child.

1. Prior to travel, we ask you to complete a survey so that we can get to know your child a bit before travel. This will include all medical issues such as allergies and current medication.

2. On arrival, we go through the questionnaire just to double-check nothing has changed or if there is anything else you want to discuss.

3. We have developed an extensive set of policies, procedures and guidelines for how we deliver childcare services. Far too many to list here but these are available for all guests to review and are compiled with to European standards.

4. We do a health and safety audit of all activities, accommodation and transport. This is in addition to the standard audit and is from the child’s perspective.

5. We take steps to mitigate any risks or concerns and ensure that all parents are fully aware of what we have identified.

6. We have an allergy and medication board to ensure our staff are fully briefed on all matters and have the information to hand.

7. Our childcare supervisors are fully first aid trained and typically are first aid trainers too. In addition to this, they are trained in many aspects of childcare and will have a number of years’ experience in the industry.

8. Childcare supervisors carry separate first aid kits in addition to the kit available for the whole group.

9. For supervised sessions, we ask parents to sign their child in and out of our care and will only release the children to people who have been preapproved.

Handling allergies


These are only some of the steps we have taken at two point four to give you that peace of mind that all parents are looking for. If you are travelling with children on your own, you should keep some of these in mind when considering babysitting or nanny services too and don’t be afraid to ask to see their policies and guidelines. Any reputable agency will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

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But what other measures are out there for parents?

One of the biggest issues is handling allergies and the rate of allergies in children is ever increasing. On my travels I witnessed a family trying to communicate to a server in a restaurant in Cambodia about their child’s allergies and they didn’t seem to be getting too far. I recently came across this amazing idea which I thought would be a great solution for any families who worry about this.

Simply pick the allergy or medical issue that applies to you or your child, pick your destination and they will send you a card that has translated the issue into the local language ensuring that you can communicate the issue in all restaurants, hotels, and cafés. Genius.

If your child is prescribed any medication, make sure you have a list of them with you at all times and do some research before you go as to what the different local brands or alternatives might be, just in case. Ensure that you google your destination and see if they have restrictions in place for carrying medication so that there are no nasty surprises at customs.

Do your research and always know where your nearest hospital or clinic is. A lot of the time your insurance provider can help you with this too.

Make sure you carry a small first aid pack that has the basics covered. You can buy child-specific ones in many shops and my favourite is this one.


Remember the 6Ps


If you prefer to make your own there are loads of articles out there that can point you in the right direction. Travel Mad Mum has a great list of things you should include and as she is a nurse, she knows what she is talking about as you will see from the many tips and tricks included in this article.

Finally, utilise the variety of resources available to you. This could be the website for your local Consulate, the travel clinic at your GP, or the many articles online from parents who have been there and done it. You can always contact us and we would be happy to share our experiences, whether you intend to book with us or not.

Being worried about what might happen is not a negative thing. Allowing this worry to impact on your travels and not being able to enjoy yourself because of what might happen, probably is. Remember the 6Ps. Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance. Do your research, take reasonable steps to be prepared and then go out and have the most amazing adventure with your family.