How to up your travel photography game


Creating memories is an important part of travel and this is especially true when travelling with young children. Whether you are looking to buy a new camera or try not to be a victim of over exposure, it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Well don’t fear, we are here to help. Well @nickarundeldxb is here to help and we are just putting it out there in the latest episode of our vlog series, “Are We There Yet?” Nick is a Canon Ambassador, a founder of Living the lens, teaches photography in a number of local schools and is a passionate traveller.

Sit back and enjoy.

There is no better time than now to get yourself ready for when travel is an option again.

Our #travelfromhome campaign is all about this, finding ways to enhance your future travel. In the coming weeks we will discussing first aid, food and wine and the setting of personal and fitness goals.

For now, keep dreaming.