Why one epic adventure is better than multiple holidays a year

Do you plan multiple small trips throughout the year? There are a lot of reasons why most people do. Maybe you spot a good deal on a last-minute holiday. Or you have multiple types of trips in mind…a city break with friends, a sunny escape with a partner, and a family holiday when school breaks up. Or maybe your itchy feet can’t stay grounded for long.

We get it. We love to travel too, and if you suffer from wanderlust, it’s hard to resist the temptation of new and fascinating places. 

But we’re about to do something most travel companies don’t do. We’re going to advise you to travel less. That’s right, as the world begins to open back up and people start to talk about the inevitable post-Covid travel boom, we suggest you keep your cool and refrain from filling all the school holidays with mini getaways. Instead, start thinking about fewer but far more impactful trips.

It’s time to plan that ONE, big epic adventure. Here’s why:

It’s better for the planet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that your carbon footprint greatly increases with the number of flights you take per year. So, if you choose to fly somewhere for your next holiday, make the most of those CO2s and stay awhile. The fuel used for take-off and landing is a high proportion of the total amount used, so even one long-haul flight is better than multiple short flights. However, we’re not saying that an epic adventure needs to equate to long-haul travel. If your dream destination is only a short flight away, even better! Furthermore, if you’ve always wanted to explore both Portugal and Morocco, for example, consider combining both places into one trip, connecting by land and sea.

It’s a better value

One of the reasons we made it our mission to incorporate quality childcare on our trips is so that parents didn’t feel the need to separate family holidays from the experiences they want to have with their partner, with their friends or on their own. If you think including fun, engaging, professional childcare on holiday is too expensive, but then fill your year with multiple short trips such as weekend getaways with your partner, city breaks with friends, and a solo wellness retreat, we’d like to tell you that those themes could all be combined. This will save money, time and fossil fuels, as well as create lasting memories for all.

It’s a better experience

The days of collecting passport stamps and travelling just for the sake of travel are (hopefully) behind us. We all need to start thinking about slower, more intentional trips that fill a purpose far greater than ticking places off a list. Purposeful travel begins before you leave home. Rather than choosing a destination on impulse or for the perfect Instagram post, evaluate why you want to go there. Ensure that the next passport stamp you acquire leads to intentional connections, meaningful contributions, and unforgettable experiences. Make sure to spend enough time in a place to feel truly connected to the people and the culture.