Toddler travel and why it’s ok to break the routine 


You’re probably all too familiar with the many off the shelf parenting guides focused on discipline, baby sleep strategies, eating by the clock and ‘scheduled fun’ time – and let’s be honest, parenting is stressful so it’s perfectly understandable why so many mums and dads lean on these as support crutches. Travel may feel like something that ‘you used to do’ pre-children, and the thought of steering away from your known routine and dealing with cranky kids can be too off-putting to try. How does toddler travel sound to you? We get it, vacationing with your brood and ‘breaking the rules’ can be scary, but with a shift in mindset you can let go of your fears, and regain your passion for wanderlust through experiencing the best family holidays.

Be prepared for your inner child to be let loose and feel a kind of excitement which you haven’t felt in years

Ditching the routine (even if it’s only for a week or two) and experiencing the feeling of travel with your tribe will be transformative for your family. Wandering the world with the most important people in your life, experiencing new cultures, whilst making precious memories that will last a lifetime is second to none. Tapping into a mindful mindset and being present, you can view the world through the eyes of your children, and there is no greater reward than seeing them shine with glee from discovering something new and cool. Be prepared for your inner child to be let loose and feel a kind of excitement which you haven’t felt in years – expect the unexpected when travelling with kids. 

Through travel, your little ones will gain exposure to different cultures and lifestyles which will offer boundless benefits. They may not fully appreciate the ancient culture of Bali, but they’ll feel a warm hug of energy from the natives and understand that they are being interacted with in a new or different way. They’ll be pushed out of their comfort zone and it doesn’t matter if it’s by eating octopus for the first time and loving it, or zip lining across a skyline of the Costa Rican rainforest and being enthralled with a surge of never felt before adrenaline, these first time experiences will expand their world. 

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The new chilled-out version of mum and dad

Imagine how much more you could learn about your kids, their likes/dislikes and what they’re capable of when you let go of the restricting routines and just enjoy some downtime! This is what toddler travel is all about. The hustle and bustle of daily life and all of its tedious tasks, where the cycle of nagging about going to bed, picking up laundry, hurrying for appointments, doing homework, cleaning teeth, eating dinner all make up the structure of the day. Being away from it all in a new and beautiful world provides the space for you to see them as their amazing and individual selves…. And no doubt the kids will also appreciate the new chilled-out version of mum and dad. 

It’s the perfect opportunity

Travel puts you in situations where you’ll grow mutual respect, honesty, trust and open communication with your clan. Away from the daily grind, it’s the perfect opportunity to create deep and lifelong connections, build security and continued happiness – which is the whole point in why we work so hard, right?!? Together you’ll become more flexible, resilient and won’t fear change – and this state of mind is a keeper, it’s not going to disappear with your suntan. 

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