Trips designed with planet, community and family in mind

While our aim is obviously to plan exciting, fun and adventurous holidays so you can spend quality time with your family and friends, we have always been aware of the impact our trips have on the environment and community of our destinations. Our Positive Impact Pledge is much more than just a nicely worded page on our website; it forms part of our decision on whether to work with a supplier or not and becomes part of our shared DNA with them. We look for clear and demonstrable evidence that they are taking steps to make a positive impact and ensure the activities they offer have been thought through according to our standards. At times, it is about education as to why we have rejected a certain element of the trip and help them see things from our perspective and that of our clients. We’re thrilled that so many of our customers think the same way as us and we listened to what’s important to you before deciding on the criteria we use to design itineraries that ensure a positive impact for all.

Most importantly we want to avoid doing any harm to the destinations, whether that’s to the environment, local community, animal welfare or our climate. We avoid zoos where animals are not well treated and instead include safaris or visits to wildlife rehabilitation centres. We don’t visit orphanages or any other organisations that exploit local communities. We will not include any activity that does not respect the environment, plant life or population.

Moving beyond avoiding harmful activities, we also want to ensure that our holidays have a positive impact on both our customers and the destinations they visit. Travel is a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and the transfer of wealth from richer to poorer communities. We work with small, local suppliers and choose boutique hotels or private villas over international hotel chains so that the money you spend stays in the local community. We include activities where you can learn about the local culture through cooking, dance or art, ensuring that traditional skills are nurtured not lost. Where we can, we partner with local charities who offer activities to tourists so your children can learn about our wonderful world and how they can have a positive impact on it.

Before you travel with us, we encourage you to take our positive impact pledge and commit to learning more about the following objectives we focus on, and the steps you can take in your everyday life and through your travels to ensure that you are making a positive impact.

Putting it into action

Planet Positive – This includes all flora and fauna and ways to help conserve the fragile ecosystems of the planet. In Costa Rica, you can learn the local permaculture technique used to cultivate the land without causing lasting effects on the environment. In Portugal, take a zero-emission tour of Lisbon in an electric tuk-tuk. We avoid places that suffer from over-tourism and prefer off-the-beaten-track locations like Croatia‘s picturesque lakes, thundering waterfalls and verdant national parks.

Community Positive – We ensure that a high proportion of money spent stays directly with the locals. In Bali, you can discover authentic Balinese life as locals show you ancient Sanskrit writings on palm leaves and then spend time in the rice fields, planting paddies or ploughing the fields with buffalo. In Morocco, join a cooking class at a non-profit organisation that trains and empowers disadvantaged local women for work in the restaurant industry. In South Africa, you’ll be guests of a local family in Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap and learn about their religion and culture as you cook and eat dinner with them.

Family Positive – We believe that travel should be a transformative experience for everyone in the family. Our children deserve the tools that will help them think critically and creatively about the important issues that affect the planet. By taking our pledge you will receive lots of ideas on how to get your kids thinking about family holidays in new and exciting ways. We also believe that by being conscious and fully present throughout your journey, everyone will return with a deeper family connection and enriched knowledge of the place you visited. We make this possible by offering expert childcare so you don’t have to use a sterile kids club (one of our pet hates) or tailor all your activities to the family member with the littlest legs. For example, while the adults are kayaking in Switzerland or tackling a via ferrata in Oman, children can have their own adventure through treasure hunts, games and activities that are tailored to the local country and culture.

We hope you will sign up to take our Positive Impact Pledge and learn why being a responsible traveller means much more than simply carrying a reusable water bottle (although we advise doing this too).