Make way for a Brand-New Genre of Family Travel with the Launch of Experiential Family Travel Operator two point four


Launched this September, two point four is the only experiential family travel operator that welcomes children of all ages and the only one to specifically cater to under 5s and children as young as two. The company will curate inspirational itineraries for small groups worldwide: think surfing trips to Bali, African safaris and food tours around Vietnam. The team at two point four believes that classrooms go beyond four walls and adventure and experiential travel does not have to stop when you have young kids.

two point four will be offering wellness, nature, culinary, adventure and cultural trips for young families, with the first adventures available to book in early October and running in early 2020 to Costa Rica, South Africa, Vietnam and Bali. With an average of three to four families per group on approximately nine- to 11- night trips, children and parents alike will be able to build meaningful connections whilst being exposed to new destinations and experiences, with local knowledgeable guides taking families off the typical tourist trail.

Professional childcare consultants

Professional childcare consultants will be available throughout the duration of the holiday to ensure little-ones are well looked after. All activities, accommodation and restaurants are carefully checked beforehand to ensure they are perfect for families.

Adults will benefit from having likeminded parents to relate to and playmates for their kids, along with enjoying a level of luxury afforded through economies of scale. At the same time, they can remain confident in the knowledge that two point four stands apart from traditional group touring operators and families can spend quality time alone and with just their family whenever they wish.

two point four was founded by Richard Liddle who, after setting up and managing a successful outdoor adventure company in Oman, set off on a round-the-world adventure with his wife and then two-year-old son. This adventure included 37 flights to 18 countries across five continents. All the while Richard saw his son developing and learning every day from new experiences.

Adventure does not stop when you have a child

From there, Richard knew he wanted to set about creating two point four in order to show families that adventure does not stop when you have a child. “People’s sense of adventure does not vanish because they have young children, responsibilities increase though and hesitation can set in. As we cater for families with under-fives, we need to make sure that parents are challenged to travel in a way previously not thought possible, but also feel safe and secure when doing so.

We have invested an incredible amount of time, energy and resources into finding the best global partners, each of whom are experts in their own industry. This includes childcare consultants who have worked with some of the top hotel and resort brands in the world. We only partner with tour operators who share the belief and vision that we do in providing the most memorable and authentic travel experiences whilst ensuring they deliver this in the most responsible manner, benefiting the local people in each destination.”

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Benefits of travelling with kids


With numerous studies showcasing the benefits of travelling with kids, including the Student Youth and Travel Association reports suggesting that travel has a positive impact on children at school, two point four believes it is more important than ever to get kids away from their classrooms and iPads and into the great outdoors to explore new cultures, gain new experiences and inspire wanderlust, no matter how young they are.

The first tours will be available to book from October 2019. More details coming soon. 

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