Do kids benefit from travelling?

Benefits of travelling

For one minute, let’s not think about how much you will enjoy your travels with two point four. Forget the amazing adventures, sublime culinary experiences, beautiful weather, stunning beaches, landscapes… We could go on and on. Put that to one side and focus on how the benefits of travelling will affect your child and what they will experience?

It is scientifically proven that the benefits of travelling can have a positive impact on your child in many ways.

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It is vital to creating that bond with your child

The Telegraph wrote a fantastic article all about it.

We want to highlight a few of these points on the benefits of travelling for children.

Let’s look at ‘attachment play’ to begin with. This can be revealed in any number of ways but on a very basic level, this is playing with your kids. Building sandcastles, ball games, hide and seek, whatever form it takes, it is vital to creating that bond with your child. We’re sure you already do this. The only difference is you will no longer be thinking of what needs to be done around the house.  You won’t be thinking of that email you need to send or what you are having for dinner. All that is being taken care of by us and so you are able to give your child your full attention for longer. Wait to you see the smile on their faces!

Some sobering statistics were quoted in the article which really drove this point home.

“Two-thirds of conversations between parent and child are about daily routine” (Elizabeth Buie, TES).

“65 per cent of parents say they only play occasionally with their children”.

“One in six fathers says they do not know how to play with their child and a third say they simply don’t have the time to play” (Parent-Play survey, Playmobil UK).

“Only a quarter of children say they talk to parents more than once a week about something that matters” (Child of Our Time).

“We worry about our physical health but we need to pay just as much attention to relationship health within the family. And, of course, research shows that relationship health is vital for physical health” (Holt-Lunstad et al, 2015).


The other interesting point they made came from research by Professor Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Washington State University. Research showed that holidays can advance brain development in children by exercising two genetically ingrained systems. We won’t pretend to understand the science behind this but in its simple form, it is the play and seeking system.

The good news is that it applies to adults too

Exposure to new experiences, cultures and environments, reducing stress and making people feel that everything is good in the world are some of the factors that impact us when we travel. Think back to travel experiences you have had in the past. I’m sure you remember this feeling.

We’re not finished…another study also highlights the benefits of travelling. A study by Matador Network outlined further reasons why your child could be better at school because of travel. The full article is here.

This raises another question about taking children out of school during term time. We won’t go into here but stay tuned for our opinion on it.

In addition to making your child smarter, more emotionally stable and better at concentrating…


To quote this article:

“The majority of teachers surveyed agreed that children who travel have an increased tolerance and respect for other cultures and a greater willingness to try new things. Teachers also observed that kids who travelled were more likely to demonstrate higher self-esteem, independence, confidence, adaptability, and sensitivity when interacting with other children. Unsurprisingly, a whopping 76 percent of teachers noted that once students had been taken on a single trip, they suddenly had the travel bug and expressed a desire to travel more”


So in addition to making your child smarter, more emotionally stable, better at concentrating. It also creates a stronger bond between you and them. This article says they are likely to have more tolerance and higher levels of respect for other cultures. We suggest you start early and immerse into travelling and holiday destinations with toddlers. 

Enough said.

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