Discover a world of flavours on a two point four adventure

Our trips are all about adventure; but do you know what compliments a good adventure? Good food.

Okay, food goes well with everything if you ask us. It’s not only the fuel you’ll need to power through your trip, but it can also be an adventure in and of itself. Exploring foreign flavours, learning new cooking techniques, and eating the freshest, local (and sometimes unusual) ingredients can be a unique, exciting or daring experience – and after all, that is the definition of adventure.

Here are a few examples of the culinary experiences you can have with two point four, which will bring you closer to the people and culture you are visiting, as well as unleash your inner foodie.


Classic Balinese dishes are a big part of the country’s tradition, some of which are almost as old as the culture itself. Besides having the chance to try many of the typical dishes and freshest local ingredients, you’ll also have the opportunity to live out your childhood dream with a visit to a chocolate factory. Specialising in locally sourced, organic cocoa, the factory will teach you all about the ancient traditional methods of chocolate making – Bali style. Create and decorate your own bars and truffles…sampling is encouraged… yum! 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica might be famous for its coffee, but the abundant farmland, seas, tropical climate and diverse mix of cultural influences have made it a Latin American food destination. You’ll jump straight into the culinary culture with a local lunch of ‘casado’. A casado, meaning marriage, is just that – a variety of tastes piled up on one plate of bright colours and flavours. This authentic dish generally consists of white rice, black beans, salad, meat or fish, plantains & picadillos. The mouth-watering flavours that make up each meal will leave you inspired to replicate the recipes once you are home.


Croatian food is heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, with a slightly more seaside vibe. You’ll have the chance to try your hand at cooking a true Dalmatian dish with a local chef to teach you the ropes. And while the kids are entertained with a treasure hunt, why not sneak off for a sip of the good stuff? The Bibich Winery is a true gem of the Dalmatian coast and its vineyards are about 500 years old! You’ll also have a chance to try Maraschino, a liqueur obtained from the distillation of Marasca cherries. 


Italian cuisine is renowned for being well-loved by all, especially kids. Did you know that Puglia has been rated time and again as a top foodie region of Italy? So, your time there will undoubtedly be an adventure in traditional flavours and technique. Allow the locals to show you how it’s done, by joining a family pizza-making class with seasonal Pugliese ingredients. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious produce of a Trullo garden for an authentic taste of local hospitality, partake in an olive oil tasting at a resident mill, and sample the freshest ricotta, mozzarella and burrata cheese at a local farm for a true taste of la bella vita!


Take your tastebuds on an adventure of flavours ranging from sweet and mild to pungent and hot. Dazzling, colourful, spice-laden, Moroccan cuisine is sure to please. Learn to make delicious tagine the traditional way at a non-profit that trains and empowers disadvantaged women.

You’ll also sample glorious seafood while staying at Morocco’s leading surf and yoga retreat perched on the white beach coastline at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. The kids will also love getting sticky fingers while tasting the golden nectar of the honeybees at a local apiary.


With influences from the Mediterranean, North Africa, India and Iran, Omani food is a delicious fusion of herbs, spices and marinades. Chicken, lamb and rice are staples, seasoned with ingredients like saffron, ginger and nutmeg, giving it ultimate flavour! With a long coastline that hugs the Arabian Sea, you’ll also find all kinds of seafood on offer. Although you’ll be spending time in the desert, the fertile oases will provide a rainbow of lush dates, bananas, mangoes and papayas as well.


A Mediterranean base with a Portuguese twist can create the most amazing dishes full of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, beans and potatoes, accompanied by popular spices such as the “piri-piri” blend we know and love. Not long after you arrive in Portugal, you’ll be strolling through Lisbon’s 130-year-old market to pick up groceries for your family’s lunchtime cooking lesson. When you’re not surfing, canoeing or hiking, you’ll find yourself enjoying samples of wine, port and cherry liqueur at the many tasting opportunities throughout the trip, including at the Douro Valley’s finest vineyards, the Quinta do Bomfim. Last but not least, cherish a special family dinner on your final night, seated at the chef’s table for a unique and personalized gastronomic experience of up to nine dishes!

South Africa

Although wildlife is the central jewel of this trip, a South African adventure will have you pairing the tastiest of liquids with some of the region’s most delectable cured meats, cheeses and artisanal chocolates. The kids will not be left out of the fun and will be treated to a grape juice making class and tasting session.

In a truly immersive experience, you’ll be the guest of a Bo-Kaap resident family. But don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to pay back the hospitality by cooking them dinner in their home. This is the sort of experience that you won’t find between the pages of a guidebook.


Your Swiss adventure will not only take you to the ultimate outdoor playground but on a rich and velvety journey through melted cheese and chocolate surprises. Where else but amongst the chocolate-box scenery, ancient castles and evergreen forests of Switzerland would you be able to partake in a cheese tasting on a local farm and learn about chocolate making from some of the best chocolatiers in the world?

Àla Carte Adventures

As always, our itineraries are never a set menu and can always be altered to suit individual family members’ tastes and desires. If someone in your family is allergic to seafood, we’ll make sure there isn’t a carp or crustacean in sight. If you are celebrating an important event, we’ll cook up something extra special. Furthermore, if you have a picky eater that tends to stir the pot at mealtime, here’s a blog post that might help.

(Okay, we’ll stop with the food-related idioms now.)