Don’t be that guy with the camera

When I set off travelling around the world with a 2 year old, I had a voice in my head constantly telling me that my son was too young to remember any of this and we should wait until he is older. Having survived the experience and come out the other side, I am glad I didn’t listen to that voice as the whole reasoning behind it is nonsense for many reasons. I have been quite vocal about this so I won’t go into too much detail on it now.

One thing I ensured was that I captured as much of this trip on camera so that we could look back on the adventure in the years to come. In fact, this kind of became a bit of obsession and I will admit at times it took over just actually being in the moment. I also got a bit carried away with drones and gimbals and filters and more.

If only I had chatted to Scott Marshall from Cut Media before this trip, his excellent tips and tricks mght have saved me from being that guy. Listen in…