Our version of slow travel


It can be hard to keep up with what is trending in the travel industry, some of which will come and go quicker than your short-haul flight but others that we hope will be around for a long time. In fact, we have built our adventures around a number of them.  

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We focus on wellness, nature, culinary, adventure and cultural activities across all of our destinations but the overarching principle in all we do is immersing yourself in the destination and the community. 


The emerging term for this is slow travel. Where does this concept manifest itself?

Slow travel is more of a mindset than a mode of transport. It is asking you to think about why you travel in the first place and the prevalence of this only increases when you add children to the mix. 

Activities and experiences

We have carefully selected activities in each destination that will satisfy any thrill-seeking appetite. We offer adventure and often, there’s none greater than that of the spaces in between. Take the time to wander, to absorb and learn, watch how your children do this and let them lead the way. Of course, we offer much more than adventure, our itineraries are designed to be much more. You will be spending time with local people and we encourage you to ask questions and share stories. 


We endeavor to handpick the best of the accommodation options wherever you travel. Think less big chain corporate square boxes and more family-owned boutique style hotels, lodges, and farms. Not only do we know that this is where you and your family will feel most at home but we also want as much of your money to stay local, helping the community and its inhabitants grow and develop. Have a look at the types of hotels we have picked for your South African adventure.

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Local guides

We are proud to work with local people who know their country and culture better than anyone else. There is nothing they don’t know. Test them! But seriously, they love nothing more than talking about what makes their way of life special and how it compares to yours. They bridge the gap for you and facilitate the human interactions that make your trip special. 

Restaurants and food

There is no better way to immerse yourself in a destination than to sample the food and drink and we make sure this plays a large part in your adventure. Don’t be afraid to try new things and hopefully your children will follow. Check out our post on how to cope with a fussy eater when you travel. From local restaurants to home visits and cooking classes, be sure to slow done, savour the experience and be brave. 

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Use this time with your family to create memories

You will see that our itineraries are not only that bit slower to allow for travel with children, because there is nothing worse than rushing through a destination, ticking off must-eats, must-dos or must-sees. Don’t fall into the trap where your experience is driven by the need to Instagram all these ‘musts’ where you end up not actually seeing anything outside of a social post. Use this time with your family to create memories and foster the unique experiences that will help your child grow and develop.