Two point four 2.0 – the future of family travel in a post Covid-19 world

When we set out on the journey to create the greatest family travel brand in the world, we had very clear objectives about how our experiences should look and feel. We had done our research. We had spent hours on the phone to families who love travel. We had Zoom chat after Zoom chat (yes that’s right we used Zoom before Covid… how cool are we?!) where we heard the same frustrations from parents who felt that the travel industry just wasn’t geared up for them.

We invested a lot of time, energy and money into putting together a new style of family travel that would make parents feel safe to be adventurous again, that would give them the confidence in our childcare procedures and to see how their children can enhance their travel experiences rather than be a hardship.

Then boom. Covid-19. Travel has stopped, people are in lockdown, children are no longer playing in the streets and it feels like life has been on pause. 2020, you suck so far.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may only be a pinprick at the moment, but it is there and it is getting bigger. Restrictions are starting to lift, curves are being flattened and a degree of normality is returning to life. We aren’t there yet and no doubt there will be a few bumps along the way, but as glass half full people we have to believe in the progress that is being made.

So what does all this mean for travel for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?

For two point four, there are changes coming. We haven’t just been baking banana bread and home schooling you know? We have been doing what we do best… speaking to families who want to travel and understanding what they need to feel comfortable to do so.


1. Two point four Travel Bubbles

We have developed our own unique style of ‘travel bubbles’ for you, your friends and your extended families. This allows you to travel with the people you know and feel comfortable with, avoiding over crowded hotels, kids’ clubs and tourist attractions. From private villas to sanitized vehicles, exclusive experiences and lots of wide-open spaces, everyone in your group is likely to share a collective sigh of relief.

We will be launching this series of new bubbles soon so please keep an eye on our website and social for more.


2. The journey is as important as the destination

Whilst we will continue to offer the destinations we already do, we are delighted to be launching a whole new series of adventures in the near future. Think Iceland, Croatia, France, Italy and more. Destinations you can drive to, fly to or chug-a chug-a choo choo to. Train journeys are expected to bounce back much quicker than flights and as we all know they also have a much lower carbon footprint than a plane so win win. Expect to see face masks as standard and lower capacities on board though.

But let’s not discount flights either. Airlines and airports are working hard to put in place stringent measures and protocols to make flying as safe as possible. What is likely is you will need increased time at the airport to complete check in, in a contactless, temperature checking kind of way.


3. Safety guidelines

Of course, safety and the well-being of all guests will be paramount. New childcare guidelines have been developed along with our partners who have launched their own stringent Covid-19 accreditation specifically for childcare to ensure that we can still deliver the same high standards as before. These new policies look at everything from testing, PPE, physical distancing and a range of other measures to give families the confidence to travel and the peace of mind that you have taken all steps possible to minimize the risk of infection. Our specialists are on hand to talk through these with you too.

 4. What will you be doing during your trip?

What won’t change is the lust for adventure and exploration that is part of our DNA and of yours. We will still be offering amazing experiences for you and your children alike. From biking to hiking, wine tasting to chef experiences, wellness to local culture, there will be something for everyone to enjoy! Our new customisable bespoke travel packages will allow you and your friends to design your own trip, giving you that all important family time, a bit of me time as well as the opportunity to hang out with friends and family, the simple things that we are all craving.

We have never been a fan of a buffet on our trips, and so you can expect these to be a thing of the past across the board. Restaurants will be implementing physical distancing measures but we don’t see this impacting the type of places on our menu. You might even come to enjoy a ‘quarantine greenhouse’ that some restaurants are planning; no more worrying that your child’s refusal to eat their dinner will be heard by all.


Exciting times

So whilst this has been a horrible time for so many , it is vital for all of us to hold onto the things we value most. Human nature will not allow us to give up and shy away from the world. It just can’t. Precious time together with our family and friends, creating memories is so desirable, now more than ever and so we have to look to the future with open arms and embrace the opportunity to travel in a new way.

This whole experience has driven home the importance of our positive impact pledge and brought the need to engage with the planet, with communities and with your family to the forefront. For the first time, every country in the world has been impacted by this and so choosing a style of travel that positively impacts others is key.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”

Jane Goodall