positive impact pledge

The conversation surrounding responsible travel has evolved from not only talking about doing less harm but about ways we can do more good. Since we prefer to always see the glass half full, we appreciate this optimistic flip of the narrative.

We believe that through education, awareness, research and conservation, travel can have a positive impact on the lives of both the traveller and the host community.

We’ll be taking the reins with this one by providing experiences that are a win-win for you, and the places and people you visit, but we hope you will cheer us on by taking our positive impact pledge. By signing up to our newsletter, you will be committing to learning more about the following objectives we focus on, and the steps you can take in your everyday life and through your travels to ensure that you are making a positive impact.

Planet positive

This includes all flora and fauna and ways to help conserve the fragile ecosystems of the planet. This is a complex topic, but everyone can learn how to minimise harmful impacts on climate, nature and wildlife, including how to support positive initiatives around the world.

Community positive

When you travel with us, you’re not merely visiting a new place; for a very privileged amount of time, you become part of their community. We do our part to ensure that a high proportion of money spent stays directly with the locals.  Learn how your trip can improve the livelihoods of host communities.

Family positive

Don’t sit at the back of the class! Your children are sponges and by being conscious and fully present throughout your journey, everyone will return with a deeper family connection and enriched knowledge of the place you visited.  Learn how to break down diversity barriers by talking to your kids about the differences and similarities you’ll encounter.  

Learn more about the criteria we use to design itineraries that ensure a positive impact for all.