positive impact pledge

Planet positive

With your support we will reach our goal of becoming carbon neutral across all of our trips including air travel, accommodation and activities, by continually auditing each aspect reducing our travel footprint. We’ll be taking the reigns with this one, but feel free to cheer us on, make suggestions and enjoy a holiday without single use plastic!

Your planet pledge

Don’t accept single use plastics when offered (from straws to water bottles), turn off lights and unplug devices if not needed; spread the word, lower the footprint.

Community positive

When you travel with us, you’re not merely visiting new places, for a very privileged amount of time, you become a part of their community and at two point four we like to look after our own. So, we’ve ensured that our business model keeps a high proportion of money spent within those communities through supporting the local businesses, investing in their education, working conditions and basic human rights.

Your community pledge

Don’t sit at the back of the class! Your children are sponges, their holidays will present some of the best lessons they’ve ever had. So make sure you lead by example and engage with the local communities, don’t just observe. Ask about their culture, religion and ways of life – open your mind to the idea that their thoughts and beliefs are different, not wrong. Please support the local communities wherever you are. Go wild! Leave your toiletries at home and buy locally, ensuring the money you spend stays local.

Family positive

At the core of our purpose is your family, it really is. Everything we do is for your family to become even more awesome than you were before travelling with us.

We aim at removing the distractions of everyday life so that every day with us will be extraordinary. We’ve done this by instating policies, procedures and processes that keep our standards high in terms of childcare, safety and security.

We’ve taken care of the boring bits, we’ve laid the path to the fun bits but now it’s time for the (most) important bits and we can’t do this without you… It’s really quite simple, ask yourselves:

‘What impact will my family have on the world we tread whilst travelling with two point four’?

Your family pledge

Switch off and turn up! Your family is your priority here, not your emails nor the laundry or any mundane chore. Play, laugh, relax and learn from your kids (they still know how to do that stuff!) Be conscious with your phone/tablet usage and engage through meals, excursions and the in between.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”. Jane Goodall