Keeping your distance doesn’t mean being alone.

We are not big fans of the term social distancing. Just because we are not able to spend time in one another’s company, it shouldn’t mean that we can’t remain social. When it comes to children, this is more important than ever. Not only are schools closed, parks empty and their friends stuck at home but there is confusion and a lack of understanding as to why this is happening. The adults amongst us can at least try to get our heads around this pandemic but for kids, it isn’t that easy.

There are a few ways we can help.

Be honest.

Firstly, sit down with your children and try to explain to them what is going on. There are some great tools out there to help you do so. Covid-19 related books have been published specifically for children where it helps to explain where the virus came from, the impact it is having for people and what they can do. My favourite is this one which can be downloaded for free here.

Stay social.

There are numerous apps and technologies that can be utilised to keep children talking to their friends and families, much in the same way adults are relying on them to stay in touch. A few of our favourite are listed here.


All of these are pretty much free or at least have a free option.

It isn’t just about chatting either, it is time to get creative. This could include changing up the background image on the zoom call to their favourite place, playing a board game or card game across video or having grandparents read their night time story. Trying to keep life as normal as possible is key.

Stay active.

If you can find a way to burn off at least some of a toddler’s energy, life generally is much easier. We realise that screen time will probably have increased, especially with distance learning in place and that you also have work to do, house to clean, food to prep and the list goes on and on. Remember you are not the only one in this, everywhere you look, families are going through the same daily struggle. But exercise is a way to keep you positive, healthy and have some fun time with the kids. Try and schedule a bit of time every day for a 30 minute session. There are lots of live workouts suitable for children but our favourite has to be the incredibly popular PE with Joe.

It was announced yesterday on the news that whilst restrictions may start to ease in the coming weeks, we are a long way off returning to normality and it may be next year before life goes back to what it was. Whether we want it to is another topic. Try and keep up your energy when it comes to socialising for you and your children to help you both get through this. Remember, you will get through this.