Peace of Mind


That’s a big statement, we know. It’s the reason we take this seriously! Our work at two point four will determine how your stories are told, generation after generation. It’s why we’ve scoured the planet for the best travel experts and left no stone unturned to find global partners who are epic enough to set the scene of your family’s next big narrative with your safety at the forefront.

By booking with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that your safety is always our priority and your financial security is paramount. Specifically, during such uncertain times, we recognise that our ability to offer flexibility is invaluable. So yes, this is the legal bit, but by no means is this the ‘fine print’.

Although we’re hoping the dreaded ‘C-Word’ can soon be filed into that space us parents suppress all other phases we’ve survived (Terrible Two’s & Threenagers), we’re also having to be honest with the fact that our lives will never be the same again.

The Coronavirus pandemic has been an eye-opener in many ways and two point four is continuing its journey of offering family travel experiences with eyes wide open! We’re ready when you are and we’re here to plan future trips even if you’re not ready to travel yet.

In the meantime, we are working at creating new ways of exploring the world through travel styles that limit transit times, expand activities in wide-open spaces with fellow explorers you already know in the accommodation you feel safe in.


Although we like to gently nudge parents to see the world through their kids’ eyes during their trips, we’re not masochists, we understand that sometimes being a good parent requires parent-only time.

 We’ve been working closely with ‘Worldwide Kids’ (WWK), the leading provider of family and childcare facilities with 30 years of experience, who have ensured that all of our global partners undergo strict analysis of inspections and audits of accommodation, staff and activities.

In light of the current global pandemic, ‘Worldwide Kids’ have reviewed all of their existing policies and procedures to include a mandatory training course that gives childcare staff the new skills necessary for minimising risk with Covid-19 safety specifically in mind. This will address hygiene & cleanliness, effectively managing physical distancing & intimate care, responding to unwell children, appropriate child-safe activities, food and beverage handling and refresher First Aid skills for Covid-19 related symptoms and early detection.

Nothing has been ignored when it comes to the safety of your children. The childcare supervisor on each of our trips is handpicked and selected by WWK, ensuring their individual qualifications and experience are right for each group of travellers.


Life with kids can be as unpredictable as British summertime weather and travelling is no different. We won’t punish you for putting your child’s needs first. We’ve reduced the notice period for making changes before your departure date from 60 to 90 days. Whether your kid’s school dates have changed, they unexpectedly get chickenpox or they’re going through a terror stage that requires your own self-inflicted social distance for survival (we’ve all been there). You can change your trip up to 90 days before travel – judgement-free, no questions asked, even if it means having to select a new destination to fit in with your adventure objectives.

Our adventure partners have also adjusted some of their T’s & C’s to bend with the needs of current circumstances (you know, that ‘C word’). If you’d like to know how ‘low they limbo’ regarding deposits, cancellation policies etc. with a specific region or destination in mind, we’d be happy to lay it all out for you, just ask.

Likewise, we ask for your understanding should we need to postpone or amend itineraries based upon the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office’s (FCDO) advice. Should this ever occur, we’ll give you as much notice as we can and reach out to you personally to ensure that you still get the adventure you paid for another time, agreed upon by you.



As upholders of “The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018” (basically, EU rules of how we as operators deliver holidays/experiences), we offer financial protection for every one of our customers in the very unlikely event that we are unable to deliver the trip you paid for. Through our payment partners, ‘Trust My Travel’, you’re a whopping 100% protected to book with us securely.





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