Peace of Mind

Our Existence

is Your Experience

That’s a big statement, we know. It’s the reason we take this seriously! Our work at Two Point Four will determine how your stories are told, generation after generation. It’s why we’ve scoured the planet for the best travel experts and left no stone unturned to find global partners who are epic enough to set the scene of your family’s next big narrative.

By booking with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that your safety is a priority and your financial security is paramount. So yes, this is the legal bit, but it’s not by any means the ‘fine print’.

Financial Protection & Regulations

As upholders of “The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018” (basically, EU rules of how we as operators deliver holidays/experiences), we offer financial protection for every one of our customers in the very unlikely event that we are unable to deliver the trip you paid for. Through our payment partners, ‘Trust My Travel’, you’re a whopping 100% protected to book with us securely.


Although we like to gently nudge parents to see the world through their kids eyes during their trips, we’re not masochists, we understand that sometimes being a good parent requires parent-only time. Subsequently kids have needs that should be taken into consideration too.

Thanks to the consultancy of London based ‘Worldwide Kids’, the leading provider of family and childcare facilities with 30 years of experience, all of our global partners undergo their strict analysis; from inspections and audits of accommodation, staff and activities to the creation of extensive policies and procedures, including healthcare and emergency medical care – nothing has been ignored. The childcare supervisor on each of our trips is handpicked and selected by WWK, ensuring their qualifications and experience is right for each group of travellers.

Personal Safety & Security

From your very first step to your 1000th, life involves risk. An immersive adventure experience is no different. Whilst we’re not down-playing this element of your exploration, it’s important for you to know that we have taken full measures and thorough risk assessments throughout.

We’ve held a magnifying glass to every aspect and have insisted on strict rules and regulations when it comes to first aid training, driving standards, equipment and much more. So, that you needn’t waste time on worry and can let us handle the details.


Happiness Guarantee

Whilst we turn the pages, you hold the pen. So, if at any moment you’re not comfortable with how something is panning out – you tell us. We will always be available to get things back on track.

How this works is simple:

Before your feet have left dry land and as long as you have the signal strength, head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a message – we’ll respond.

Already on the ground? Find your guide or Two Point Four staff and let them know. As long as this is your first response, they’ll have the chance to fix things for you. But, if for some crazy (quite frankly unimaginable) reason they’re unable to assist you, they’ll escalate the issue to us and we’ll exercise our powers that be.

And because our trips span across lands of varying cultures and attitudes, the Two Point Four staff ensure a constant and unified approach to diligent customer service – That is our Happiness Guarantee to you.


If you arrive home, reflect back and feel like we could have handled things differently, then we need to hear it. We’ll launch a full investigation to include everyone involved, so that we find out where things diverged.

All factors will be considered, including time-lines of communication and scope of our control over the matter. Once we know who, what, where, when and why this happened, we’ll humbly hold our hands up to any fault on our part, with the possibility of a partial refund or future discounted trip.

Rest assured, we will work to make things right. Remember, we take your adventure seriously, so that all you’re left with is the fun part.




We guarantee a qualified and experienced childcare professional on every trip. They will be responsible for the supervised childcare sessions, overseeing babysitting and being there to support parents when needed.


All of our adventures have been designed by parents, for parents with a focus on immersing everyone in adventure, wellness, cultural, nature and culinary activities


We have selected the best family friendly, bespoke hotels, guesthouses and lodges for you and your family to relax in and enjoy. Room selections will include triple occupancy, connecting rooms and multi room apartments.