Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

All of our guides are hand picked to help you all explore, experience and excite

There will be different guides for different destinations as we always use local experts ensuring you get the best immersive experience. We only use professionals, so be assured they all first aid trained and are experts in safety and security. Not only this, but they are also the friendliest people around and are family focused to make sure you have the best trip possible.

In addition this, each of our trips come with one of our qualified and very experienced childcare supervisors. They are there to manage the specified childcare sessions, oversee the babysitting and generally support parents throughout their experience.

All our guides love welcoming families from two point four due to the shared love of travel and passion for learning about new cultures.



Meet Megan from the UK. She is Level 5 Early Years qualified, and has enjoyed an extensive career within nurseries and resorts around the world. The first-rate insights she has gained from this include operational needs and solutions for market leading play environments. A fountain of childcare knowledge, Megan uses her expertise for designing well-planned family and youth facilities, as well as concepts and activities.


Meet Millie from the UK. She is Level 3 Early Years qualified, and has over 7 years’ experience within childcare. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this time and is always delivering impeccable service. She ensures the younger guests have an incredible time in the resorts, and is guaranteed to have a roomful of smiles


Meet Charitini from Greece. Now calling the UK home, she has a MSc degree in Educational Management and has trained in teaching the early years of education. Her career has seen her work across numerous childcare settings leading to a very versatile array of tools. She will go above and beyond with assisting in any operational requirements.


Meet Ben from the UK. He is natural born explorer and has a career within outdoor education. His has career spanned across Europe leading to top first-hand knowledge and experience. He is well versed in training and supporting teams as well as ecouraging them to utitilse their natural surroundings to deliver memorable experience for younger guests.



Meet Abe. He is a professional tourist guide and is a member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association as well as the World Federation of  Tourist Guide Association. He is full time traveller, outdoor person and food lover. As a full English speaking guide, he loves nothing more than immersing his guests in stories and educates them on the surroundings and culture. He loves two point four itineraries as he loves oceans, people, being active, and food & drink.  


Meet Ayu from Bali. She loves meeting people from all over the world and has an abundance of knowledge on the local people, culture and everything Balinese.  She has a unique dynamic way of delivering tours and loves to be a part of two point four adventures.


Meet Nova. Born in Java, Indonesia, he is very passionate about travelling and photography. He loves that groups of families can bond as a team even with different personalities and backgrounds. He says the mix of leisure and adventure make two point four special, and he commits on giving families the best experience they can get.


Meet Maman. Working in the tourism industry for many years. He says Indonesia is full of friendly smiley people and always welcome everyone who wants to know about their country. He loves to educate families while having fun. Maman loves leading two point four trips and immerses families in Bali by getting them to interact with local people, sample local food and see how the locals live. He is very enthusiastic, approachable and is full of fun and passion.


Meet Wira from Bali. His name means warrior in Balinese, although he says he has not fought anybody yet! He loves to show two point four families the beauty of his country, and loves the way that it is a relaxing tour and adventure all in one itinerary. point four itineraries as he loves oceans, people, being active, and food & drink.  


Meet Artlet. Born in Costa Rica, she grew up in between her family’s coffee plantations and Avocado farms. With an extensive career in tourism, she has been A guide at many national parks. She loves walking, nature, yoga and cycling and loves to learn from different cultures. She absolutely loves working with children because she says they find happiness in the smallest things and their curiosity is always present. This makes it easy for families on two point four adventures to enjoy the travel experience.


Meet Perfil. Born in Costa Rica, she has grown up in rural communities surrounded by mountains and coffee plantations. Her education and travelling exposed her to many cultures all round the world, with many communities across Europe and South America. She now loves to show guests the natural beauty of her own country, Costa Rica. With over 10 years’ experience working with children, she is a two point four family favourite. She is well versed in showing families Costa Rican culture, nature, food and adventure.


Meet Levi.  Working in the tourism sector for many years, he does many tours around Bali. He loves to show people the Island and loves meeting people from all around the world. He also knows many languages including English and in his spare time he loves to teach kids in the village where he lives.