Health, fitness, and wellbeing

Keeping fit and healthy in everyday life can be challenging for a lot of people. Add travel to the mix and suddenly all the hard work you have invested in the gym or the kitchen can be in jeopardy. Yet, in this modern age where there is a greater focus on health, fitness, and wellbeing, people are asking us for our top tips for keeping fit while travelling. Here are a few ideas.

1 – Balance 

Number one tip to keep fit while travelling? Balance. Finding activities that are enjoyable, sociable and do not feel like exercise will help. So you can have your cake and eat it….just make sure you go for that walk after dinner to even things out.

Eating out is part of what makes travel fun whether it is with new friends or old. Enjoy the socialising aspect and don’t let the thought of a few cheat days ruin the experience. You can always make up for it the next day by getting stuck into some activities or a quick 20 minutes in the gym.

2 – Go find new places to eat

Our second tip is to be brave and explore new places to eat. Rather than staying in a hotel and eating their food all the time, take time to explore the surrounding area. Some of the best restaurants you can find are off the beaten path and typically these can be a lot cheaper than hotel restaurants. There will be amazing local cuisine that will be healthy in any destination and local markets are always a great place to pick up fresh produce…fish so fresh you can taste the sea.


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Fresh fruit from your destination will also be beneficial. Imagine sticking a straw in a fresh coconut or a sliced pineapple picked and served straight to you, rather than from a supermarket shelf. Take advantage of this novel and healthy opportunity and don’t forget to include your children in these culinary experiences.

3 – Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is vital when travelling. It will keep your metabolism ticking and make sure your body is being 100% optimised. Your organs will thank you for it as your blood pressure and heart rate depend on the water. It will clear your body of toxins and rejuvenate you,

Your body will also be adjusting to increased temperatures as you spend more time outside in the sun. Drinking plenty of water is the best way you can help.

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4 – Sleep well

If you’ve travelled for more than a few hours to reach your destination, it’s likely that you’ve crossed a few time zones, meaning that you are likely to feel the effects of jet lag. There are lots of tips out there for combating this but resting and getting as much sleep in the first day or two while help set you up for the remainder of your travels.

Your mood and health depend on sleep, and holidays are the perfect chance to count the sheep, with no emails, laundry or housework to worry about.

Rather than the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you’ll be able to wake up in a beautiful place. You and your family can do whatever you please. No morning commute, no rushing to eat breakfast, this is time to enjoy with your family.

5 – Stroll, walk, wander 

Going for a stroll can have an enormous benefit to your health. Not only will a brisk stroll burn calories, it will also be a great opportunity to take in all the new surroundings and stimulate your senses.

Walking only 30 minutes per day can improve your heart and lungs, increase your bone strength and improve balance. It will also reduce your body fat and increase muscle strength and endurance. See here, for more benefits.  Finding the time to this on holiday should be easy. This could be walking to a village or town for dinner in the evening time or on a hike looking at nature and wildlife. This won’t feel like exercising; this will feel like quality family time that you will enjoy and cherish.

6 – A little goes a long way

Finding 30 seconds to do some sprints along the beach or up a hill can have a huge boost for your health. This can happen anywhere, even while on holiday. When Joe Wicks was away in Costa Rica, he encouraged this. Use what is around you and keep it simple. Remember, you don’t need a gym. See our adventure to Costa Rica if you fancy replicating Joe.


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If you’re serious about keeping your beach body, then take 10 minutes when you can to do as many press-ups, jumping jacks and sit-ups as possible. This will boost your metabolism and make sure you keep your physique. It is that easy.

We hope these tips help you to stay fit and healthy whilst you are off exploring the world. Most importantly though, just enjoy yourself. You will be surprised as to how many calories you can burn swimming with your children or chasing them on the beach and creating these memories are much more important than a week without the gym.