The past year has not turned out quite how we expected, not least for our travel plans, but being forced to stay at home has given us a different perspective on the wider world. What have we learnt from lockdown that will make us better travellers? Here are some of our travel resolutions for the new year:

Every trip will feel like a big adventure

After being confined to our local area, we’ve learnt to really look at what’s around us and find joy in even the smallest of new experiences. We can take this new skill abroad and fully appreciate each moment of getting to know a new place. This year we might not venture too far from home and stick to short haul trips, but we now know how to make each moment count.

We’ll spend precious time with loved ones

It’s been so hard not being able to see family and friends over the past year. Being stuck at home with only the immediate family also has its challenges (don’t mention homeschooling). Now’s our chance to plan quality time with all our favourite people, investing time in neglected friendships and reinvigorating our relationships with those closest to us. Create your own travel pod so you can travel safely with people you trust and leave us to arrange exciting activities for families, couples and friends, both separately and together. Our qualified childcare providers will ensure that the younger travellers are learning all about the country they’re in through games and activities, so it won’t feel like learning at all.

The great outdoors will be our playground

When you’re only allowed out for exercise, daily walks become adventures in their own right. While we’ve always been huge fans of fresh air and exercise, this year more than ever we want to spend more time outdoors. That’s why all our holidays include lots of time exploring nature, national parks and the countryside, away from the crowds and with activities to suit all ages.

We’ll take better care of our precious planet

While sustainability and the environment have always been of the utmost importance to us, the past year has made us realise not only how much our planet has benefitted from people staying at home but also how many local communities around the world depend on tourism. This has made us even more determined to ensure that our holidays have only a positive impact on the ecosystem and community of each destination. 

We won’t put off the trips we’ve always dreamed of

It’s easy to procrastinate when times are busy and save that bucket list holiday for when the kids are a bit older, but now we realise how suddenly everything can change and the same opportunities may not be there next year. Seize the moment and go when you can! In our experience, younger children get just as much, if not more, out of travelling to far flung places. They may not remember every activity in the same way as an older child, but they learn so much more from every new experience.

We hope to inspire you to be more adventurous, together, active, responsible and curious in 2021.