1. Pick one of the exciting destinations from our website or contact us for some inspiration and ideas… will it be mountain biking in Switzerland or monkeys in Costa Rica?

2. Contact us with the basics – when do you want to travel, who’s going with you, etc.

3. We contact everyone for a powwow around the campfire (in our case most likely a video call)

4. We curate a bespoke menu of available items according to the chat for everyone to tick & cross off till their heart’s content

5. We create your next big adventure itinerary

6. We’re available for any questions you might have before and during your holiday


You sprinkle in the dream, we add the ingredients and know-how, mix with a generous glass of grape or two (for good measure) and let it simmer over a video call with us, your best mate or even your granny (if you’re bringing them along too). We promise – you’re going to love the adventure we cook up together!

As any parent knows, flexibility is an asset and two point four has made sure that we’ve got oodles of the stuff!

We offer a bespoke ‘pick & mix’ style travel wish list so you can browse through our itineraries and be inspired! If you love what you see but want to skip the last bit – done. So you’ve been Insta-stalking a local chef you’d love to try – we’ll book it in. You’re more of the adrenaline-junkie than your kids can keep up with – we’ll have you riding up Swiss mountains on your bike whilst the family’s kept busy at lower altitudes. Flexibility is also key to our booking procedure so you can be confident that we will bend over backwards to accommodate any changes to your booking for whatever reason. You can find out more about our flexible booking policy on our Peace of Mind page.

Childcare on your trip

Including a childcare professional on your trip is always optional, but can allow for adults to indulge in activities that might not be suitable, or desirable for the smallest family members – think long hikes or bike rides, wine tasting or date nights. The little ones can keep a consistent nap schedule, or more importantly, spend more time in the swimming pool or take a kid-friendly cooking class with other pint-sized friends.


Meet Megan from the UK. She is Level 5 Early Years qualified, and has enjoyed an extensive career within nurseries and resorts around the world. The first-rate insights she has gained from this include operational needs and solutions for market leading play environments. Megan uses her expertise for designing well-planned family activities.


Meet Millie from the UK. She is Level 3 Early Years qualified, and has over 7 years’ experience within childcare. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this time and is always delivering impeccable service. She ensures the younger guests have an incredible time in the resorts, and is guaranteed to have a roomful of smiles


Meet Charitini from Greece. Now calling the UK home, she has a MSc degree in Educational Management and has trained in teaching the early years of education. Her career has seen her work across numerous childcare settings leading to a very versatile array of tools. She will go above and beyond with assisting in any operational requirements.


Meet Ben from the UK. He is a natural born explorer with a passion for outdoor education. His career spanned across Europe leading to top first-hand knowledge and experience. He is well versed in training and supporting teams as well as ecouraging them to utitilse their natural surroundings to deliver memorable experience for younger guests.