There are plenty of suitable travelling and holiday destinations for toddlers that are available


Many parents ask themselves should they wait until their child is older before they consider taking them to foreign countries. Should you visit a holiday or travelling destinations with toddlers?

But is there a definitive answer? We don’t think so. As with absolutely everything to do with raising kids and being a good parent, there is no right or wrong answer. No matter what self-proclaimed parenting experts will tell you.

There are plenty of suitable travelling and holiday destinations for toddlers that are available. It all comes down to what is right for you and your family at that moment in time.

So how do you decide on travelling or holiday destinations with toddlers?

It is important to consider a number of factors and then make your own decision as to when and where you take your children. We have outlined some of these factors to give you food for thought when considering travel with toddlers.

If they are too young, they won’t remember any of the destinations?

We heard this reason over and over and when our CEO Richard was taking his two-year-old around the world it was something that he considered a lot. It was reading an article like this one here that helped him decide on the travel and holiday destinations with toddlers that he could pursue. Whilst building memories is not to be ignored, travel with young children is about so much more than that. It is about building their confidence, their sense of adventure and exploration and more. Read our article on the benefits of travel for children for more information.


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The focus here should be on supporting your child to become a responsible citizen. Leading to an understanding of how the world works, the beauty it has and the challenges it faces. Being exposed to humanity in all its forms at a young age helps them to be a well-rounded person who respects other people’s views and opinions.


Creating memories


Just because you have become a parent it doesn’t mean your desire to create special family moments is forgotten about. Focus on creating memories for yourself that will last long after they have flown the nest. Remember you only have about 18 summers before this happens. Conde Nast Traveler discusses some of the ideas for travel for these 18 summers. Whilst we feel some of their ideas are less about travel and more about resort-style holidays, the message is still the same. Make the most of the time you have!

You should also remember that not every child is the same and they mature at different rates to one another. How often have you heard a mother in distress because their child hasn’t started walking whilst their friend’s younger toddler has been running around for weeks? Some children will remember these experiences despite only being a few years old. When Richard came back from his travels, his son was about three years old.  Nearly a year on and his son is still talking about some of the adventures they were on. He reminds his parents every week about something they had forgotten about during their trip.

Toddlers pick up new skills and abilities much easier at a younger age

Watching children ski or surf for the first time when they are toddlers is amazing. If parents and toddlers start learning a new skill at the same time it will lead to a lack of fear, no inhibitions. This ingrained sense of adventure means they will be hitting the slopes and catching waves long before their parents. Give them the chance to try as many sports and activities as possible. This helps develop their sense of balance, strength and motor skills.

The sweet spot…less opinions but the more capable toddler

When you travel with older children, you will find they are much more opinionated about where to go and when. But a toddler tends to be happier to go wherever as long as they will be entertained and they feel part of what is going on, which opens up a lot of places that are suitable for holiday destinations with toddlers.

On top of this, they probably no longer need a nap, are close to being toilet trained and are physically more capable of walking further and taking part in more activities.  Of course, we still recommend a good means of transporting them whether it is a buggy or a carrier.

 Any holiday destinations with toddlers will be a never-ending supply of energy

It is a near-impossible task to tire out a 3-year-old. Hours of soft play followed by running around a park and then swimming only puts a minor dent in their energy supplies. Keeping them busy and finding ways to burn energy is the goal and travel can do this for you, with less screen time and more activity combined with fresh air and more outdoor time. You never know, this could result in the ultimate bedtime routine…where your 3-year-old comes to you and says they are ready for bed now! Winner, winner, romantic dinner!

Toddlers imagination and excitement

The older children get, the more they become self-aware and reserved. This is just a fact of life and one that will continue long into their teens and beyond. In comparison, a toddler doesn’t care what other people think. Imagine having that freedom. They still get excited about the craziest of things and aren’t afraid to tell people about it, usually at the most awkward of times.


So how should this impact travel?

Getting your child excited about an upcoming trip or adventure will be so much fun as you see their eyes light up and their imagination working overtime. Compare them to the characters in their books, visiting jungles and meeting people from all over the world and they will feel like they are the fastest, biggest, strongest and most adventurous person in the world who can do anything. Does it get any better than that?

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