Today is the official 1st birthday of two point four. Whilst the work started many months before launch, the official start date of the company is the 7th July.

Having launched a few different companies over the last decade, some of which are still going, some of which didn’t make it, I knew coming into this that we had a tough road ahead. Having a fantastic product that takes away the pain point for so many parents is great but is it enough for a successful business? Working alongside some of the top professionals in childcare, adventure and travel means that our standards are of the highest around, but how do we tell parents all about? Investing time, money and energy into our digital marketing, developing fantastic social channels and collaborating with some awesome brands means people will hear about us, but does this give them the confidence to book? Setting our stall out in terms of responsible tourism, engaging with the local communities and reducing leakage of the money spent in these communities is noble, but does it qualify as a sustainable approach to travel?

These questions or at least a version of them, plus many more are what owners of new businesses are answering on a daily basis. And if this wasn’t hard enough, 5 months after we went to market……the pause button was pressed. All the PR work in the first few months paused, the global travel market halted and all the momentum we were building stopped. The next few weeks were a series of tough conversations and decisions whilst trying to reforecast everything, to a background of complete uncertainty and lack of knowledge as to when and how we would see light at the end of the tunnel.

But birthdays are not a time to look back and feel sorry for yourself for things that didn’t go right over the last year or decisions you got wrong, even though they may be plentiful. Birthdays should be a time to look forward and to be excited about what the next year might entail. To be honest this is not an easy task considering where the travel industry is as of today, but as I have said before we aren’t going to let some virus get the best of us. We have a lot to be excited about. A whole range of new products and destinations are being developed for launch in the coming weeks. Some fantastic partnerships are being developed with new people and brands as flights take to the skies again and countries open up their borders to welcome families again with open arms. For some, it might be months before they commit to travel, but many people are looking ahead to next year for new adventures and new experiences.

Whilst we lower our masks to blow out the candles and eat some jelly, rest assured we are still working hard to give parents the confidence to book travel once again.