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Who are two point four?

Two point four are a family focused, experiential travel company. We connect like-minded families from around the world through the most amazing travel experiences in the most beautiful of destinations.

We are not a fly and flop holiday provider.

In fact, offering an alternative to this resort style holiday, is at the core of what we do.

We offer both small group travel for families as well as private trips for groups of friends or extended families.

Adventure, wellness, nature, cultural and culinary experiences are at the heart of every travel experience with us as well as giving you and your family that all important stress free time together.

We provide trained and experienced childcare on all of our trips so that parents and older children are able to still do the activities that would otherwise be difficult to partake in. And don’t worry; the younger ones will also be enthralled in fun, engaging and adventurous activities too.

When it is time to head out in the evening for a nice meal or relaxing drink, our team step in and offer baby sitting to allow you to escape for a few hours.

For more information on two point four, check out our ‘about us’ page.

Why book with two point four?

We are the only company to accept children from the age of 2 years old on adventure travels.
Our mantra of to explore, to experience and to excite is what we live and breathe by. We want you to explore new destinations, experience new adventures and activities and excite your children through travel whilst allowing yourself to see the world through their eyes. This connection with your family will last a long, long time.

We may have fun at work and focus on adventure and experiences but this doesn’t mean we don’t take ourselves seriously when we have to. Our safety standards are amongst the highest around and we have invested a lot of time and energy into ensuring your children are looked after by the top professionals. We look after the details so you can focus on what is important, family time.

How does it work?

We believe in keeping things simple. We have invested the time and energy into finding the top activities, accommodation and local partners to deliver the most immersive travel experiences for families. In addition to that, we supply childcare experts on every trip, typically from the UK/Europe who are there give parents the freedom to explore. Use our itineraires to inspire and then get in touch with us and tell us your specific needs. Our team of travel experts will make the necessary tweaks and adjustments ensuring you get to experience the ultimate family travel experience. 

Who comes on two point four trips?

All of our trips are focused on families. We are the only adventure travel company to accept children as young as 2 years old but we also ensure older children are well taken care of too. Single parents and extended families are welcome too and we also offer single parent exclusive trips so look out for those through our social media channels and website.

As we are not a typical package holiday provider, all of our customers are adventure seekers and people who want to be active and engaged through travel. We know that we are not for everyone and we have come to terms with that.

To get the most out of trips, you have to be willing to let routine slide, challenge yourself and your family and most importantly be ready to create the most amazing memories with your children that will last forever.

What accommodation is included?

We work hard to make sure you won’t be staying in any bland or standard hotels and have hand picked the most beautiful boutique hotels, farms and guesthouses. The standard of each hotel or guesthouse will vary from destination to destination but typically 4*. However, we prefer to focus much more on previous customer reviews, personality, charm or dedication to providing sustainable, planet friendly accommodation rather than a star rating.

Do you offer all inclusive packages?

We don’t offer all inclusive packages in the traditional sense, but our trips are inclusive of almost everything you need to enjoy your family adventure. This includes hand-picked accommodation, the most amazing activities, and transport, as well as the majority of your meals being included, so you really don’t need to bring a lot of extra spending money with you.
Also, don’t forget all of our trips come with experienced and trained childcare staff who are on hand to take care of your children and allow you to partake in all of the experiences we have lined up for you. You won’t find the majority of these experiences in other traditional holiday packages. We offer everything from private chef experiences to family yoga, hiking to biking, and one-off cultural activities to mind-blowing adventures.
This style of pricing means you are able to budget ahead of time and know exactly what you are spending before your trip.

Do your trips include international flights?

No, our trips do not include flights. We welcome travellers from all around the globe and so offering flights would be very challenging. We therefore decided to
let you choose where you fly from and when so that it offers the best convenience and price for you and your family.

What visas do I need?

With such a variety of nationalities on our trips, we ask that you ensure you have the correct visa for travel to your destination prior to departure. This information can be found on your country’s embassy website.

Please make sure you check this out in advance as some visas do take time to process. If you need any help or have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to ask us on


What vaccinations are required?

You must make sure that you have all the required vaccines for the region you will be visiting. It is important that this information is up to date and accurate.

We recommend you visit the WHO on for further information however the only people qualified to provide you with this advice are your family doctors or specialists from specific travel health clinics. Please contact your family doctor to find out more.

Are there any age restrictions?

Generally, we welcome travellers from the age of 2 years and up on all out trips. 

Please do check the details on each specific trip as some of them may only cater for children aged 5 and above but this is rare.

Whilst we specialize in families with young children, older siblings are of course very welcome and the itineraries are designed with activities for people of all ages.

Is early check in or late checkout available?

If you arriving early on the first day of the trip, we will do our best to ensure you can check in as early as possible. However this is not guaranteed and is subject to

Likewise if you have a late departure after the trip we can try to arrange a late check out and/or storage of your luggage.

Some hotels and villas will charge for this and it will be subject to availability at that time.

What if my child or I are fussy eaters or have allergies?

This is always a big concern of parents when travelling. We put together a specific blog post on this very topic which you can view on our chronicles page.

Generally speaking, most destinations have such a wide variety of food options that there will always be something that you can eat. We do think that trying new food and eating with the local people is part of the immersive nature of our trips and so we do ask that you approach this with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

However, if you have specific dietary needs or any allergies, you must tell us about this during the booking process. We will do our best to accommodate all dietary requirements however this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the places we travel to and is very much
destination dependent but please do talk to us about any concerns you have as we generally find the restaurants we visit are very flexible and used to dealing with allergies of all kinds.

When can I book my flight?

We will let you know as soon as your trip is confirmed. Remember paying the deposit only reserves your places on the trip and does not mean it is guaranteed.

As soon as you receive this notification, typically 10-12 weeks prior to departure, you are good to book flights!

How do I book?

Our booking process is simple and most importantly secure. We offer all of our customers full financial protection through our payment provider, giving you peace of mind.

Get in touch and let us know where you want to go and when and who will be with you and we will do the hard work, making sure all your wishes and demands are met. Or if you are not sure of where you want to travel, hav e a chat with us and we will be sure to make some recommendations. 

No matter what travel style you choose, please do not book flights until we confirm your trip with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we also recommend you check out our terms and conditions, found at the bottom of the page.

How does payment work?

All our payments are secure and insured offering you full financial protection, through our payment partners, Trust My Travel.

Typically we need payments 3 months in advance of departure dates to secure childcare and the dates you want, but even if your date is within this time, get in touch and we will see what we can do. All you do is pay a small deposit at the time of booking and the remainder 3 months before leaving. Our staff are on hand to guide you through the specfics for your trip as these dates may change depending on supplier policies. 

For more information on payments, please refer to our terms and conditions, found at the bottom of the page.

Can I book pre or post nights?

Of course. If you want to arrive a day or two in advance of your two point four experience, just let us know. We can arrange for you to book into one of our hotels either before or after and this can be done at any stage, depending on availability. Please note that these nights will not include childcare or other activities. 

You can select extra nights at checkout. 

Can I get a discount?

Typically, we don’t offer any discount on trips, except for those people who are returning customers or booking for more than one family.

Please contact us for more information on this.

The reason for this is that we have worked hard to bring you as much value for money as we can. Our trips are priced fairly and when you consider the quality of accommodation, transport and activities on offer, we are sure you will agree.

We may run special offers from time to time and suggest you follow us across our social media platforms to be made aware of these.

Are airport transfers included?

Airport transfers are included in the price. On arrival at your destination we provide transfers on the day the trip starts and up to 2 days beforehand. On departure, transfers are only available on the last day of the trip. If you book additional nights after the trip, transfers are no longer available.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is mandatory on all of our trips and each person in your party must be covered. We do require that a copy of your insurance is provided to us prior to departure or if not, then on the first day of your trip.
Please make sure that all the activities outlined in the trip are included in your policy and that you have a minimum coverage of 200,000 USD.

Your policy should cover;
– Emergency medical repatriation and associated expenses
– Medical expenses
– Personal accident
– Personal liability
– Death
– Cancellation
– Curtailment/disruption
– Loss of luggage
– Personal effects

If you need any help or have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to ask us on

How many people are on each trip?

As a general rule of thumb our trips should have a minimum of 6 adults and a maximum of 10 to 12 adults.

This can vary by trip depending on the destination so please do check each trip for more detail.

Each family must have at least one child with them and a maximum of two children per adult. Outside of this, please get in touch.

We find this strikes a nice balance between the group size not being too big, but still having enough families for you and your children to make new friends.

Can I join a trip before it has started or leave before it finishes?

If something out of the ordinary causes you to be delayed and miss the start of the trip, we will do everything in our power to help you join. But this is challenging as we move around and may be in somewhat inaccessible locations.

Please note you will be responsible for any additional costs in these instances.

You are free to leave the trip at any stage but again any costs for that must be borne by you and your family and no refund would be available.

Should we tip during our trip?

Tipping is not mandatory on any of our trips but in many destinations it is welcomed and is part of the local culture. Your guide will be able to give you further information on when it is appropriate and how much you should be giving. Whether you decide to or not is left purely to your discretion.

What should I pack?

After booking, we will send out some information on what you should pack specific to your destination. 

We recommend a child carrier for many of our trips as a lot of destinations are not stroller friendly.

All of the vehicles we use do allow child seats to be installed, although not all will have isofix. You must bring a car seat suitable for your children. If you are not able to do this, please let us know and we will try to source one for you in country. We cannot guarantee the brand or condition of these items though as many countries routinely still do not use car seats, therefore we always recommend parents bring their own. Please note there will be an extra charge if you require us to provide a car seat. 

Are your trips safe?

We never compromise on the safety and security of our trips and we are there to ensure every family is well looked after.

We only work with the top professionals in country from our guides to drivers and other staff.

We have invested a lot of time and energy into the planning and design of our trips including;

– full health and safety inspections of properties, activities, equipment, staff and vehicles specifically with young children in mind
– strict guidelines and policies on the delivery of childcare to European standards. Our partners in childcare have worked extensively across the world for some of the largest hospitality and
travel brands specifically on childcare and are recognized as being the best in their industry. They have designed specific guidelines for two point four to ensure all of our trips and products are delivered in the safest way possible.

Even with all this planning, it is important to note that all travel, whether adventure based or not, does carry an element of risk with it. We are not organizing a resort style holiday and you will be taking part in activities that will challenge you, possibly scare you but most of all reward you for participation.

This is what makes two point four special and is why the memories you create now with your family, will last forever.

Safety standards vary greatly between destinations, which is why we only work the best people who conform to the highest standards. We mitigate risks where we can and take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of our guests but we can never remove all risk. Same as everyday life at home!

Finally, if you do have any concerns about travel to a specific country or want to understand specific events that may affect travel, we recommend you check with your local government on their foreign travel advice websites.


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