We’re debunking the myth of group travel!


When thinking of group travel, are you thinking of the man in the suit with an umbrella pointing to the heavens? Are you also thinking you’ll be with 40 others that you have nothing in common with and not an escape in sight? Remove this myth from your mind. Family travel groups are modern, fresh and fun for all.

The one-size-fits-all approach that these tour operators used to operate on is dead. This has made space for family group travel and in our approach ensures the whole family can benefit from the trip rather than just the parents or just the kids. We’re debunking the myth of group travel!


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From the soloist to the student, to the pensioners, and now the family, group travel has been around for years, although it’s more exciting and intimate these days. The Internet has opened up group travel and it thrives on catering to specific groups.

You will experience tried and tested destinations, with local knowledge to give you the inside scoop on the place. Experts can show you around the best bits that the place has to offer, so you’re not left guessing with trial and error.

Friends for life are a common benefit of family travel groups. You’re already exploring and have curiosity and a sense of adventure inside of you. Everyone else on the trip also has a sense of curiosity and adventure as they’ve booked the same place as you. You’ll already have something in common.

This is family group travel


Commonalities, friends, curiosity, exploration, and experience are all good reasons.

But hang on a minute.

What happens once you’ve found a partner and started a family? Perhaps you met him/her on the type of trips listed above. You both share the curiosity and sense of adventure that brought you together.

What happens if you’ve started a family with someone else and you want to show them the benefits and joys of travelling together to experiential destinations?

We’ve been thinking… Does wanderlust stop?

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Does the desire of exploring and experiencing new things stop? We doubt it! Cue group travel for families. This type of group travel has been experiencing rapid growth, and with good reason. Family group travel is now pairing like-minded families with each other.

Families get to choose from exciting destinations around the world based on dates or activities. Then they’ll have on average, another 2 to 3 families grouped with them for the holiday.

Due to the destination or itinerary options, there’s already a similarity between the families. So breathe, don’t worry; there will be no awkward silences.

People love to let their guard down on all types of holidays anyway, so socialising is part of that. Not having to worry about work or having to do the daily commute already puts you into a more social mind-set.


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Group travel is especially rewarding and unique when doing with a family

It’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with your family and will form closer bonds for life (these guys know it)! It also allows for parents to see the world again through the eyes of their children.

The children will also develop in many ways from group travel with their families. Whether this is through connection with their parents, siblings, or other families. The development within their emotional, cultural intelligence and their sense of adventure. See our benefits to kids articles for more information on this.

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Forget the never-ending stress and distractions that life usually throws at you. Forget the daily hustle and bustle, and prepare for pure uninterrupted family time. This quality time will be the birthplace of thriving experiences. Shared and remembered forever, these experiences will bring the family closer together in the short and long term.

When we look at group travel for families, we’re looking at it with a modern approach. Families can experience the activities within the itineraries and can also spend some time on their own.

Say a family wants to head to the local cabana, or dine in the local marina on free evenings then they can. They have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever suits them best when there is free time in the itineraries. We’re confident in our approach and think this is what people want and deserve.

Another great thing about family travel groups is economies of scale

There are going to be more things available to groups of families than a family on their own.

An example is that some of our trips include your very own private chef cooking for the whole group of families. From the chef’s taster menu or a la carte, he or she will craft each order ready for devouring. Each family will feel like they are at the chef’s table of the best restaurants in the world. That all-inclusive resort buffet doesn’t stand a chance.

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The flexibility of locations is also such a benefit. Imagine a private villa terrace or a yacht on the water. Each location will intensify and add depth to the experience.

This type of experience is not achievable to families on their own unless they have very deep pockets and the in-the-know connections at the destinations. We allow these unforgettable experiences to become more accessible.

There are also experiences that would cost more if a single-family was to do them. The benefit of group family travel is that groups will enjoy discounts. This means they can do more activities for less. It also means there could be many options rather than the one activity, so appeals to more interests.

You’ll also gain access to places that are off-limits for most people.

Local guides will take families to places tourists aren’t allowed to go. Whether as an introduction to local communities or seeing secret spots. They will know the road less travelled and it will be an opportunity to do things that other people can’t.