Ethical tourism

The 3 areas that we don’t compromise on when it comes to ethical tourism are part of our positive impact pledge. These 3 pillars that we live and work by are the planet, community, and family and we always strive towards being the best we can be in these areas. When working with any of our suppliers, partners, or customers we get them to sign our pledge and consider its impact on what we do.

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Our planet

We are planet positive and are working towards the goal of becoming totally carbon neutral and educating our guests in the processes we take to achieve this. We only have one planet and we want to educate the importance of this and pass it on to the next generation that we must look after it. This can only be done through ethical tourism.

Our Community

We are community positive and make sure that the people and partners we work with invest in human rights, education and working conditions. Our business model ensures a high proportion of the money spent, stays with the communities and has a direct positive impact on the local people.

Our Family

We are family positive and create environments for the whole family to enjoy with each other and spend quality time together. This means that guests can focus on creating memories with their family that will last forever, plain and simple. Family-time is so important for many reasons. Medium magazine has stated 4 reasons on why this is the case.


We prioritise ethics over profits


Please find more about our positive impact pledge and how this pledge impacts the planet, community, and families. We strive to only work with people and have customers that understand the importance of how small changes can have a bigger impact.

We hope that other companies, both travel and non-travel alike, could learn a thing or two from our approach. Having these principles first and foremost encourage the sustainability of the business and prioritise ethics over profits.

Read more: Positive Impact Pledge