two point four teams up with Annabel Karmel


We’re pleased to announce an innovative partnership with world renowned cookery author and food expert Annabel Karmel, where handpicked child-friendly recipes will be delivered to families’ doors prior to trips, ensuring mealtimes abroad will be smoother than ever before.

Annabel Karmel’s sole mission is raising the standards of children’s diets. Her mission supports parents and busy families through recipes, expert advice, and delicious, nutritiously balanced ready-to-go options.

In the same way that Annabel Karmel supports families through food, we’re here to support families through travel. We believe that immersing children from a young age in new cultures, environments and experiences, has countless benefits for their development, personality, and happiness.

To add to the excitement of going on an adventure, all of our guests receive a special two point four gift box, full to the brim with travel inspiration, some products for travel from us to you and an Annabel Karmel recipe card that will be exclusive to the destination chosen by you. Families can enjoy making these recipes together, preparing your children for the type of food they are likely to be eating on their adventure.

Our founder Richard Liddle says:

“Kids are a lot more likely to eat and like the food you give them if you cook it with them first. Making Annabel Karmel’s unique recipes at home with kids will get them excited about where they are going and give them a taste of the delicious food they will be trying while on holiday.”




Our story


Richard Liddle, the CEO and founder of two point four, had an itch (not that kind), one that only an epic adventure could scratch.

Together, with his #1 wing woman (wife) and trusted advisee (two year old son), they packed their bags and set about on a journey that would change the course of their lives forever. 18 countries and 5 continents later, the first step of the two point four journey was laid.

After experiencing the profound impact this trip had on him and his family, Richard felt compelled to share the magic with as many families as he could… and so here we are, creating the number 1, family focussed, experiential travel company in the world!

A person’s sense of adventure doesn’t vanish once they have children, in fact, this is when they truly understand what an adventure really is!

But, responsibilities do increase and can often get in the way of a natural wanderlust. That’s where we step in; we scoured the planet for the most epic family travel adventures, global destinations and the most memorable experiences possible.


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No other experiential travel operators cater for the under 5’s – Yet, by the age of just three, children are expected to speak up to 500 words, fantasize creatively, hop on one foot, build a tower and the list goes on. Imagine, your toddler being able to greet in more than one language, create stories set in jungles or on mountaintops, hop to the drums of the Masai Mara and make the traditional bread of a forgotten tribe, because that’s the context we’re offering. We recognise that travel adds tangibility to a child’s learning and development, as well as creating memories for the whole family to relive.

As such, we’re proud to offer itineraries that cater to the whole family, including those with children as young as 2 years old. Yes, we offer adventure and often, there’s none greater than that of the spaces in between; our trips offer plenty of time for togetherness, whether at the beach, the pool or exploring the neighbourhood.

We curate enchanting experiences that serve each member’s curiosity. We focus on wellness, nature, culinary, adventure and cultural activities.

We also never compromise on safety. If it’s not right, we won’t do it. We also provide expert childcare consultants with over 30 years of experience on every single trip.

We’re all about supporting families through adventure

We encourage parents to discover the world through the eyes of their child.

We want families to build connections and bonds through travel that lasts a lifetime and then some.

We want to inspire, develop and nurture the next generation of travellers to be active participants in changing the world through their impact.

We curate enchanting experiences that serve each member’s curiosity. We focus on wellness, nature, culinary, adventure and cultural activities. You’ll tour waterfalls & rain forests in Costa Rica, ride the waves in Bali and head out on a family friendly safari in South Africa. 


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No matter where you choose to travel with us, unforgettable culinary experiences will be on offer too. This exciting partnership with Annabel Karmel reinforces how important food is in travel for parents and children alike and is another step in our journey to supporting parents and families through our adventures.

We are on a mission to inspire our adventurous families, whether it be in wellness, nature, culture or adrenalin pumping activities. To be kept up to date with these announcements and for a chance to win an exclusive two point four Chilly’s water bottle please enter your name and email address below. 

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