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An island of ancient culture and spectacularly warm hospitality. Where your family adventure is set to a backdrop akin to an Indiana Jones movie, transporting you back to your own childhood (however we encourage you to leave your bullwhip, leather jacket & fedora at home!) The island’s tropical climate makes this magical place great to visit all year round and we’ve tailor-made this quest to suit your whole tribe. So pack your bags with a sense of adventure and get ready to swing from the treetops, roll in the mud pits, OD on chocolate and dive for deep-sea treasure! 


Give us your details and together we’ll smooth out all the edges until you have your very own unique itinerary that you can’t wait to start.


Welcome to Ubud, Bali’s culture capital, filled to the brim with art, music, food and history. An introduction to be proud of; it’s no wonder the town rose to fame through its starring role in Eat Pray Love – an obvious no-brainer for your first taste of Bali! 

Enjoy your first breakfast in Bali, before stretching your legs on a light ‘jalan jalan’ (Indonesian for walk) around the beautiful bamboo campus of Bali’s Green School, just a short drive away. A progressive and wall-less institute that practices what it preaches in sustainability; your guide (likely to be a student or parent of the school) will take you on a journey of Aquaponics, a Micro-Hydro Vortex’ (Just don’t say it in a hurry) and the local majestic bridge of the school grounds. Feel free to ask questions and seek answers to the Green School story, set to the soundtrack of their very own love for music. In the spirit of sustainability, lunch will be at Moksa Ubud, a 100% plant-based restaurant deeply rooted in local culture and cultivating the land, serving a cuisine of fragrant spices and fresh vegetables to tantalise your taste buds. Enjoy an evening of dance with performances of an ancient epic that tells of a prince’s quest to rescue his beloved wife with an army of monkeys in tow… Epic indeed!

Flex your brute force and diminish evil, with a nifty side of spiritual intelligence. The martial art of Mepantigan is a holy mud mystery that combines self-defence techniques with performing arts. Kick-off the camaraderie with a swig of traditional local drink and a fried banana entrée, served complete in eco-friendly dinnerware. Then robe-up in the local Triadtu sarong – an ode to Ida Bhatari Shri, Goddess of Rice. It’s time for mud pits and some good old-fashioned tomfoolery before a cleanse in the river, followed by a yoga-esque warm up under the coconut groves before tucking in to a lunch spread that’ll please the gods. 

Muster up your inner macaque as you swing from the treetops in an adrenaline filled Botanical Garden bonanza. Explorers of 4 years and up will continue up and up and up, before Tarzan jumping their way back down at this Bali Treetop Adventure Park. Our younger adventurers will have their balance tested from a safe, but action-packed distance from the ground. Phew! Freshen up and take a plunge in the garden’s hidden waterfalls followed by a picnic lunch.

Whilst the dare devils jump into their rafts for a white-knuckle ride along the rapids, our little adventurers will be whipping up their own fun with painting and cooking classes. Carving through some of Bali’s most jaw-dropping landscapes of the Ayung River, this breathtaking 2-hour river trip explores deep valleys and cascading waterfalls between towering cliffs; all under the watchful eye of our local river and rafting experts. Lunch awaits you! …then you’ll head back to the hotel for your (likely) personal exhibition from your very own little artisans who await your arrival. Now it’s time to ‘set-sail’ for new adventures and bid Ubud farewell.

Chapter 2: THE MIDDLE – AMED

Travel to your stunning cliff-top villa by the Amed shoreline. Kick back and relax, or wander the local town, sampling the best of Bali fare in the local restaurants.

It’s a chocolate fever-dream and you’ve got the Golden Ticket! Live out your childhood desires with an exclusive visit to the spectacular Chocolate Factory. Specialising in locally sourced, organic cocoa, the factory will teach you all about the ancient traditional methods for optimal chocolate consumption – Bali style. Create & decorate your own bars and truffles… sampling encouraged… yum!

Ahoy there, Maties! Ready for an aqua-adventure for all? Whilst the little ones splash about with games and activities at the pool, older kids and budding pirate enthusiasts will snorkel their way through the coral bays, scoping out shipwrecks and marine life. A wreck that found its dreary deep blue demise following a Japanese torpedo in 1942, has transformed into an underwater menagerie… Who knows? Perhaps there’s even some hidden treasure for the finding. Dry up at your hotel and spend the rest of the day, either hanging back or exploring the temples, rice terraces and more, in Amed.

It’s hard to say whether we’ve saved the best for last, as so much of Bali is beaming with beauty, but the water gardens of Tirta Gangga are the stuff of myth and magic. Grace the grounds of this palatial wonder, full of maze pools, stone carvings and 11- tiered stone fountains to inspire the envy of kings & queens world over.

Chapter 3: THE END – CANGGU

Journey to the emerging hip-city of Canggu where you will discover the Balinese boutiques and pick up some gifts from the cultural eastern region of the island. Dinner at the local hotspot, Motel Mexicola will serve the freshest of guacamole, tacos and churros whilst the kids are free to shake a tail feather or two to local music, before a good night’s sleep for all.

Ride the waves because surf’s up! At the stunning Legian beach. ‘Legian’ literally meaning ‘sweet’ in Balinese is the theme for the day. Whilst learning to balance on board in the art of surfing, the kids will be busy building their empire of sand castles and scouring the grounds for treasure. Lunch will be at your leisure before a quest of Tanah Lot, Bali’s unique offshore temple famed for its sunset backdrops. An early night for the kids, for when they’re at bay, the adults can play! We’ll be serving a romantic BBQ meal on the beach, prepared by the top chefs of the region. So raise a glass and toast to YOU! Against a soundtrack of wave break and wonder.

After your quiet night, you may just welcome an early rise and shine. Stretch out this morning to sun salutation with some yoga poses, setting you up in good stead for your relaxing family day. It’s been an action packed few days with lots of memories to marinate in, so a prescribed beach chill may be just what the doctor ordered. Still satisfying your curiosity? Perhaps it’s a local food tour or cookery class that appeals. The choice is yours and there are no wrong answers. Canggu has a great collection of hole-in-the-wall cafés to soak it all up in and a medley of shopping for all.

Bid farewell to Bali and your newfound friends. Share memories, learning’s, life-changing moments and laughs over a final breakfast. Remember the lush jungles of Ubud and hiking across rice terraces? The ancient temples and Zen of your yoga classes? May your memories of Bali be forever set to the backdrop of coconut groves, secret waterfalls, spiritual sunsets and tropical reefs. It’s time to say goodbye to a place you never realised could feel like home, as we drop you to the airport, bound for your new quest of trying to explain it all to the family and friends you left behind.








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Give us your details and together we’ll smooth out all the edges until you have your very own unique itinerary that you can’t wait to start.

* Our price includes 11 nights’ accommodation (minimum 4* star standard), airport transfers, and activities for adults, children and the whole family. The price also includes one of our qualified childcare professionals on hand throughout delivering the highest standards of childcare and also includes the majority of meals. The price is based on a group of 3 families, is only valid at certain times of the year and is subject to availability.
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