Time to pause and reflect.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, two point four has paused all of our trips for the foreseeable future. We realise this is a difficult time for everyone and as a community of travel lovers, we understand that the biggest challenge for all is keeping your adventure indoors.

However, we all have to play our part in controlling the spread of this disease so we ask that you adhere to the restrictions in place in your country.

We recognise that your wanderlust can’t be quashed and so we are working hard to support you through a number of campaigns across our social channels. If you want to use this time to plan your dream adventure for when travel is an option again, then please check out our #travelfromhome campaign. We match you with like minded travellers and travel experts from your destinations of choice and set up video chats so you can delve deep into planning your trip.

You can find more information here

In addition to this, we believe now is the time to get yourself ready for travel, whether it is learning a new language, improving your photography skills or taking a first aid course, watch our social channels for more .

Finally, whilst travel is on pause, our work is not. We are developing new products, destinations and adventures for when we get the green light to embark on a journey. If you want to be part of this process, then fill out this short survey, telling us about travel plans in anticipation of the day the world once more opens it doors.

two point four will be here for you when it does.