About Us

A person’s sense of adventure doesn’t vanish once they have children, in fact, this is when they truly understand what an adventure really is!

We’re not merely tour guides and our customers aren’t simply passive voyeurs of their journeys. We are game-changers and they are too.

Our Mission

We encourage parents to discover the world through the eyes of their child.

We want families to build connections and bonds through travel that lasts a lifetime and then some.

 We want to inspire, develop and nurture the next generation of travellers to be active participants in changing the world through their impact.

What We Do

We’re proud to offer itineraries that cater to the whole family, including those with children as young as 2 years old. 

We curate enchanting experiences that serve each member’s curiosity. We focus on wellness, nature, culinary, adventure and cultural activities.

We cater for different travel styles that include small group travel, single parent group travel, and private family tours.

We Immerse You In:

Family Time






From a safety and operational standpoint, we’ve thought of everything. We provide exceptional service, childcare and facilities, all of which exceed the highest European standards.

Why We Do This

No other experiential travel operators cater for the under 5’s – Yet, by the age of just three, children are expected to speak up to 500 words, fantasize creatively, hop on one foot, build a tower and the list goes on.

Imagine, your toddler being able to greet in more than one language, create stories set in jungles or on mountaintops, hop to the drums of the Masai Mara and make the traditional bread of a forgotten tribe, because that’s the context we’re offering.

We recognise that travel adds tangibility to a child’s learning and development, as well as creating memories for the whole family to relive.