About us

Safe & Sound

Safety is our place of departure in everything we do. We may not be tucking you in at night, but we won’t sleep a wink until we’re certain that your safety isn’t keeping you up. Just as children have taught us the true meaning of adventure, they’ve also taught us that every detail counts.  As such, two point four didn’t change the ‘what’, but have reviewed the ‘how’ of delivering exceptional experiences for our wander lusting travellers. We’re poised to pivot and respond to best practices in this ever-changing world we find ourselves navigating together. This includes providing exceptional service, childcare and facilities, all of which are kept up-to-date according to global safety standards. You may rest assured that two point four left no stone unturned when chasing away the boogeyman, for a dream family adventure. 

Our Mission

We encourage parents to discover the world through the eyes of their child.
We want families to build connections and bonds through travel that lasts a lifetime and then some.
We want to inspire, develop and nurture the next generation of travellers to actively change the world through their impact.
Our collective experiences are greater than what divides us; the earth is talking, let us listen.

Meet the Founder

“Having set-up and successfully ran an outdoor adventure company in Oman, I had an itch (not that kind), one that only an epic adventure could scratch. Together, with my #1 wing woman (wife) and my trusted advisee (two year old son), we packed our bags and set about on a journey that would change the course of our lives forever. One year, 18 countries and five continents later, the first step of the two point four journey was laid. After experiencing the profound impact this trip had on my family, I felt compelled to share the magic with as many families as I could… and so here I am, creating the number 1, family-focussed, transformational travel company in the world!”


 why choose two point four?

A company you can trust

Family-first adventures

Expert childcare

Hand-picked accommodation

Complete peace of mind


We’re proud to offer itineraries that cater to the whole family, considering the needs of its smallest members – with children as young as 2 years old. We curate enchanting experiences that serve each member’s curiosity whilst protecting their family’s wellbeing. We focus on wellness, nature, culinary, adventure and cultural activities that push boundaries safe within your comfort zone. Embark on a thoughtful itinerary created specifically for your family and friends. Two point four is the only family travel company to offer built-in childcare on your adventure. 


Globally, 2.4 is the average number of children per family. Over the last 50 years this rate has halved!