For those on The Nice List

Did you forget to go Christmas shopping again? Here is two point four’s festive wishlist…erm…gift guide for 2020!

1. Books

As Dr. Seuss once said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

Books are a wonderful gift, not only as they are great for bedtime stories and as a form of entertainment, but books can also broaden a child’s vocabulary. Plus, they can teach great lessons about this big beautiful world we live in.

We offer five book recommendations below:


For those who want to inspire kids to care for the planet:


One of our favourites is Little Turtle Turns The Tide by Lauren Davies, a story that follows a turtle navigating the ocean, but it is full of plastic debris. He goes on a journey to help clean our oceans with the children of the world. A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the environmental charity, Surfers Against Sewage.


 For those dreaming of adventure:


The book Makanaka’s World: Adventure in Morocco by Christine Mapondera Talley, follows a curious girl and her parrot on an adventure around Morocco to solve a mystery. Through its pages, kids get a tour of Morocco and learn language, geography, and culture. Better yet, they will be excited to go!


For those who love fantasy + adventure:


If your kids haven’t discovered the magical worlds that author Abi Elphinstone creates, then they are in for a treat! With multiple books for ages eight through 12, such as The Snow Dragon, Sky Song and Jungledrop, they will be whisked away on epic journeys that will inspire them to use their imagination and to create adventures of their own.


For those who want something personalised: 


From fairy tale classics to educational books, Jonny’s Sister has a wide range of personalised books for young children. Little ones love seeing their own names throughout the book and this makes the storytelling or learning experience even more exciting. Our top pick is My Personal Encyclopaedia, which features interesting facts, from A to Z, about the world and everything in it. The child’s name can be seen throughout the book on the illustrations and cover. Not only is this book educational, but a sweet keepsake that they will cherish in their later years. 


For those who want to be bilingual: 


This book and wand set is magical. Children use play as a way to learn, and thus so have Habbi Habbi. Tap the wand onto the book and it will say the sentence aloud in both languages, along with music, which makes it especially entertaining for kids. The books are available in English-Mandarin and English-Spanish, and only one wand needs to be purchased. It is super simple and fun. Maybe, Mum and Dad can pick up a few phrases too! 

2. Games

Everyone loves to play games. With today’s technology, games are more accessible than ever. There are great games available on the App Store and Google Play that can boost critical thinking, work on visual-motor skills, and improve attention to detail. 

 Although we want our kids off screens as much as possible (or do we?), the Osmo Detective Agency is played on a tablet and game board. This neat setup allows children to run a detective agency to find hundreds of clues around the world in Beijing, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Paris, Sydney, and more. A fun and hands-on way to explore geography! Don’t worry… you can play together! 

3. Colouring Kit

Kids of all ages love to colour… on everything with everything. Instead of having beautiful doodles with non-washable markers on Mummy’s favourite handbag, why not colour their own? This gift is perfect for kids who are on the go as the markers fit inside of the canvas. Brilliant! The markers are washable and so is the bag, so there is a blank canvas when needed. Eat Sleep Doodle do bed linens, pillowcases, totes, placemats, and more. There is also a variety of patterns to colour in, but our favourite is the World Map Backpack Kit – educational, practical and perfect for your next adventure abroad. 

For Santa’s helpers


5. Packing cubes

These fabric cubes may not seem like much, but they change the game in packing – for a weekend trip to a long holiday. They are made into the perfect shape to neatly and compactly pack your clothes by type: shirts, trousers, dresses, undergarments, and even shoes. Need we say more? Now you can quickly kiss 2020 and messy suitcases goodbye for good!

5. Instant Camera

We live in a world of instant gratification, but also a world where most things can be found on the cloud. Why not have fun, make memories and take pictures with an instant camera, so a physical photo can be printed out in hand? It may be a bit ‘old school’, but there is no denying that there’s something nostalgic when looking back at actual printed photographs. Think about it…someday our children may sit in the lounge together laughing at funny photos they found in a photo album from their youth as we do with our parents. Most of our photos are on our phones nowadays. Yes, these photographs are not HD and cannot be edited, but neither are memories and maybe, that is what makes these so special. 

6. Token holder

The Wander Club’s Wander Chain is a meaningful gift to those who love travelling. The Wander Chain is a token holder that can be used as a key chain or keepsake, that you can add engraved tokens for every visited continent, country, state, national park, and even custom tokens with dates for every adventure. To make it even more personal, the leather (vegan options available) Wander Chain can also be monogrammed. For those who do not want a leather Wander Chain keyring, there is also a necklace option. A bonus: For every order placed, The Wander Club in collaboration with non-profit Rice Bowls donates a meal to a hungry child.

7. Family passport wallet


A passport gone missing could turn a dream trip into an actual nightmare! Keep every family member’s passport and travel documents together in a family passport wallet. 

Our pick would be Going in Style’s Italian Leather Family Passport Case with RFID Castello. RFID protects against digital theft of personal data from microchips embedded in passports, credit cards, ID cards, etc. The case can hold five passports, has six credit card slots, a coin pocket, a pen holder, an inner zippered pocket, and lots of room to store other travel documents. Most importantly it has a zippered opening – so nothing will fall out! It can be worn as a wristlet in queues at the airport for check-in and immigration, so your travel documents are handy whilst you are hands-free. This unisex passport wallet comes in black or brown.