The two point four 12 days of Christmas


Christmas is about many different things, to many different people. Decorating a tree, cranberry sauce, giving presents, goodwill to all and for some, a chance to just spend time together as a family. The two point four 12 days of Christmas is also a little different than the usual take on this tradition. 

For children, they may see this festive time differently. Every parent wants to make sure their children don’t just focus on the amount of toys they will be getting and the endless supply of chocolate in the house but despite our best struggles, the commercial side of Christmas is hard to avoid. 

So rather than review this years must have toys for children, we at two point four decided to challenge our families. We put together a list of experiences for them to do, parents and children alike. They didn’t need to spend money or have to travel too far. The only investment was time (and maybe a little bit of patience). 

Can you do all 12 family challenges? Have you done any already?

  1. Enjoy a sun rise as a family. Depending where in the world they this, all they needed was a blanket or a towel. Just sit down together and enjoy something that we take for granted every day. 
  2. Stand in 2 countries at once. If you can’t do countries, do counties or states. 
  3. Spend a night under canvas warmed by a campfire.
  4. Climb the highest mountain around
  5. Dance together
  6. Engage with someone who speaks a different language
  7. Study art. Just sit on the floor together and discuss what you see in a piece of art.
  8. Cook a meal or bake a cake together. Everyone. And don’t worry about the mess. Most importantly, sit down as a family and eat whatever you made together. No TV or distraction. 
  9. Go on a train ride together. Not your commute or to a specific destination. This is about being on the train and watching the world through the window. A steam train would be better if that is an option. 
  10.  Make a time capsule together. This can be buried in the garden, locked in a safe or stashed in a shoe box on the top of a wardrobe. Everyone should write a note to their future self, include their favourite song and where appropriate what they want to be when they grow up. Fill it with things from your current life so you can look back on it in years to come. 
  11. Walk through a forest or wood together. 
  12. Play dress up. This can be costumes, make up or wigs. The kids get to choose. 

Each activity them has a deeper meaning behind them

Whilst this all seem like fun activities, each of them has a deeper meaning behind them. In addition to spending time together, you are showing your child that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, or it is ok if things don’t work out perfect. Children might not remember what you say or do but they do remember how you make them feel. 

Be present in the moment 

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